Santa Battle Club is a game where up to four Santas can battle it out on a rooftop! Score by dropping the presents down the chimney (middle of map) / or kill your opponents for points!

Game is played XBOX (360 and/or ONE) controllers only (for now).

Hold X = Dash (if bar reaches full you will have to catch your breath), it can be released to avoid that.
A = Jump
LB = Drop present
Hold RB = Charge throw, release will throw present.
RB (when not holding present) = Punch
START = enter game / respawn.

This is a #1GAM experiment so the implementation stopped 30th of January 2017, to get to next project (February).

Last updated January 30th, 2017


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Nice santa sprite and animation! Also way to be ahead of time with the christmas game :P

Thanks Lars!

Yeah, as they say in a danish christmas carol "Christmas lasts until Easter"? There might be some truth to that!