Gracie & Mike: Interstellar Mercenary Exterminators 2 is a co-op splitscreen sidescrolling shoot 'em up game where two players assumes the roles of the space agents Gracie and Mike and must use teamwork and trigger-happy fingers to defeat the enemies and beat the game.

The game must be played by two players (or one player controlling both characters).

You should be able to play the game with XBox controllers. It can also be played by two players sharing a keyboard on both platforms (or one player using controller and the other the keyboard).

Keyboard Controls:

Action Gracie:


Move: Left/Right arrow A / D
Crouch / Enter Door Down arrow S
Interact/Climb Ladder/
Enter Door
Up arrow W
Shoot , (comma) G
Jump . (period) H
Throw Grenade Up + Shoot W + Shoot
START Button Enter T

Controller controls (Both players)
Move: Left/Right.
Crouch: Down.
Interact/Move up stair/Move up door/Revive teammate: Up.
Shoot: X (Xbox controller), Square (PS3 controller)
Jump: A (Xbox controller), X (PS3 controller)
Throw Grenade (up + X (Xbox controller), up + Square (PS3 Controller)
Start: start button

The game was made as a 1GAM project by Lasse Honnens (programming, music, graphics) and Valentin Scherfig (level design, graphics).

Listen to the soundtrack here:

StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags8-Bit, Co-op, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Retro, Shoot 'Em Up, Side Scroller


g& 31 MB

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